In our mission to rejuvenate the Bermuda Board of Tourism’s (BDOT) online presence, we embarked on a comprehensive website redesign. As the Creative Director overseeing this pivotal project, I aimed to ensure the new site captured Bermuda’s unique charm and appeal and offered a user-first digital experience that would engage and convert visitors into travelers.


The existing BDOT website struggled with outdated information architecture, poor user engagement, and a digital experience that needed to reflect Bermuda’s vibrant culture and scenic beauty. The challenge was overhauling the website to resonate with our diverse audience segments while aligning with the newly rebranded Bermuda tourism identity. We aimed to create a digital platform that was not only visually captivating but also intuitive and informative, guiding users seamlessly from discovery to decision.


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Discovery and Strategy

Our journey began with a deep dive into Bermuda’s brand strategy, stakeholder expectations, and competitive landscape. Analyzing the existing site’s performance and gathering insights from tourism trends, we crafted a tailored redesign strategy to elevate the user experience while encapsulating Bermuda’s essence.

Affinity Map Example

Event Planning Group Affinity Map
Adventure Group Affinity Map
Family Group Affinity Map
Website Group Affinity Map

User Research and Analysis

Our user research was multifaceted, combining surveys, web analytics, direct feedback, and a detailed statistical analysis of over 3 million immigration cards from the past decade. These offered direct insights into visitor experiences and expectations, enriching our understanding of what tourists value most about their stays. This data and digital behavior analysis enabled us to develop detailed personas, journey maps, and diverse audience segments. These outlined key user interactions and content priorities, guiding our redesign to engage potential and returning visitors more effectively.

Persona Examples

Journey Map Example

Information Architecture and Wireframing

Armed with insights from our research, we moved to restructure BDOT’s content into a new, user-friendly architecture. Early wireframes facilitated discussions around site structure, ensuring it was intuitive and aligned with user journey maps. This phase was vital for highlighting Bermuda’s attractions and offerings, making them easily accessible to users.

Sitemap Example

User Flow Example

Wireframe Examples

Design and Prototyping

Integrating Bermuda’s brand elements into the digital realm, we developed high-fidelity prototypes that vividly brought the island’s story to life online. Through iterative design and stakeholder and user feedback, we refined the website’s visual and interactive elements, ensuring they were compelling and authentic to the Bermuda brand.

UI Design and Asset Development

Our design team meticulously crafted a UI kit that reflected Bermuda’s refreshed brand identity. This kit, which included detailed guidelines for color schemes, typography, and imagery, ensured visual consistency throughout the website, facilitating a smooth transition into the development phase.

Development and CMS Integration

Focusing on bringing our design vision to life, we custom-coded the site and integrated it with the Ektron CMS for its flexibility and robust features. This phase ensured the site was responsive, accessible, and easy to navigate, with CMS capabilities allowing for straightforward content updates and management. We also conducted extensive usability testing post-launch to refine the user experience further. This crucial step ensured that the final website met our strategic objectives and provided an outstanding user experience.