Stepping into the role of Digital Creative Director for the Bermuda Board of Tourism (BDOT) presented us with a formidable challenge: reversing a decade-long trend of declining tourist numbers. Despite Bermuda’s enchanting beauty and rich heritage, its tourism sector had seen better days, thanks in part to marketing strategies that hadn’t hit the mark. It was clear from the get-go that a radical transformation was needed—a fresh branding initiative, a dynamic advertising campaign, and a thorough revamp of BDOT’s digital footprint.


Our main hurdle was dispelling the lingering negative perceptions from years of dwindling tourism and lackluster advertising efforts. A deep-dive analysis pinpointed several issues: BDOT’s marketing had not effectively targeted key audience segments, digital engagement was minimal, and the existing brand failed to make Bermuda stand out as a unique travel destination or forge emotional connections with prospective visitors.


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Audience Insights and Strategic Overhaul

Kicking off with an exhaustive analysis of over three million immigration cards collected over a decade helped us to finely segment our target audience. Armed with this data, we aligned our marketing strategy with Bermuda’s National Tourism Plan, setting the stage for a rejuvenated brand and marketing narrative.

Creative Reimagining

We repositioned Bermuda with the compelling tagline “Bermuda: So Much More,” moving beyond its renowned beaches to spotlight its year-round appeal, including its world-class golf courses, culinary delights, and vibrant culture. This approach invited travelers to discover the island’s diverse attractions, showcasing Bermuda as a destination rich in experiences beyond its picturesque shores.

Brand Rejuvenation

Our brand overhaul was not just a facelift but a strategic realignment with Bermuda’s broader appeal. We aimed to transform its image from a seasonal getaway to a year-round paradise rich in cultural diversity and activities. This narrative refresh intended to capture the imagination of a wider audience, portraying Bermuda as an island of endless discovery.

Integrated Marketing Magic

The campaign “Bermuda: So Much More” was brought to life through a unified marketing strategy that spanned TV, outdoor advertising, online platforms, and groundbreaking social media campaigns. This multi-faceted approach ensured our message was ubiquitous, reaching potential visitors through every conceivable medium. Our content strategy, community engagement, and interactive contests built a vibrant online community excited about Bermuda’s offerings.

A Visual Journey

At the heart of our campaign was the art of storytelling through visuals. Each photo, video, and content piece was meticulously chosen to highlight Bermuda’s myriad attractions. This strategy was key in establishing an emotional connection with our audience, inviting them to envision themselves in the midst of Bermuda’s beauty.

Digital Overhaul

A complete transformation of BDOT’s website focused on user experience and compelling visual storytelling. We redesigned the site architecture for easy navigation, created detailed personas for UX design, and undertook rigorous usability testing. The integration with Ektron CMS provided a solid, flexible foundation for the website, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality


Our holistic approach bore fruit within just six months:

  • Tourism Uptick: Bermuda saw about a 5% increase in tourism, reversing the negative trend.
  • Digital Engagement Surge: Direct website traffic rose by 30%, with organic search results up by 60%. Social media engagement skyrocketed, reflecting the success of our digital strategy.
  • Campaign Visibility: Our multi-campaign approach consistently engaged over 240,000 individuals weekly, with social media, particularly Facebook, driving substantial traffic to BDOT’s website.

These achievements not only breathed new life into Bermuda’s tourism industry but also reestablished the island as a top-tier destination for travelers worldwide. Our campaign underscored the effectiveness of a strategic brand refresh, targeted digital marketing, and the power of connecting with audiences through innovative content.