The Connecticut State Lottery Commission (CLC) stands as a beacon of state funding, with annual sales exceeding $1.1 billion and over $7.8 billion in contributions to vital state programs such as education, healthcare, and conservation. Tasked with rejuvenating its marketing and advertising to sustain and grow player engagement and sales, CLC sought a comprehensive update to its marketing strategy.


The challenge was multifaceted: rejuvenate CLC’s branding and advertising to engage and retain players responsibly and boost the sales and awareness of its lottery games, including “Win For Life,” “Cash5,” and various holiday scratch games. The objective was to inject new vitality into existing games, some of which had been on the market for years without significant marketing updates while innovating with new game promotions.


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As CLC’s designated agency, we embarked on a data-informed, multi-channel marketing campaign, prioritizing in-depth audience understanding and optimized customer interactions. Our strategy was rooted in comprehensive research:

Market Research and Analytics

Initiating our campaign with a thorough analysis of provided analytics and data, we scrutinized sales records, customer behavior, and market trends. This groundwork ensured our creative endeavors were informed by solid, data-driven insights. By understanding the historical performance and market dynamics, we could identify key opportunities and potential areas for improvement, allowing us to craft more effective strategies tailored to CLC’s unique needs.

Customer Personas Development

We crafted detailed customer personas through focus group insights, surveys, and demographic studies, enabling us to tailor our campaigns to specific audience segments and enhance messaging effectiveness. These personas represented a cross-section of CLC’s diverse customer base, from habitual players to occasional participants, and helped us design targeted messages that resonated with each group’s motivations, preferences, and behaviors.

User Experience and Customer Journey Optimization

Optimizing the customer journey for in-person and digital channels was central to our strategy. By mapping out customer interactions and refining the digital UX, we tackled pain points and elevated the overall experience, aiming to attract new enthusiasts while retaining loyal players.

Creative Campaign Development

With our audience insights and CLC’s objectives in mind, we launched innovative campaigns for their flagship games. These emotionally resonant campaigns showcased the life-changing potential of CLC’s prizes, directly appealing to our audience’s aspirations. We employed powerful visual storytelling and engaging narratives in TV spots, radio ads, digital content, and out-of-home displays, creating a cohesive and compelling brand message that stood out in the marketplace.

Integrated Media Plans

Leveraging our deep understanding of the audience, we deployed extensive media plans across television, radio, outdoor, digital, and social channels, ensuring widespread engagement. Our media strategy was designed to reach the target demographics effectively, utilizing the most impactful channels for each segment. This multi-channel approach maximized the visibility and reach of our campaigns, driving higher engagement and participation rates.

This strategic blend of creative innovation, rigorous research, and customer journey optimization led to campaigns that captivated audiences and significantly enhanced CLC’s sales figures.


Sales Increase

There was a significant uptick in sales across the board following the launch of our campaigns. Notably, “Win For Life” sales soared from $259,818 to $943,182 within just three weeks of July. Additionally, the “Lucky for Life” campaign also saw remarkable success, with 5-board Lucky for Life ticket sales increasing by 29.3% over the average for the previous year. This surge in sales reflects the campaigns’ ability to resonate deeply with the audience and effectively drive engagement and participation in CLC’s offerings.

Enhanced Brand Perception and Community Impact

Beyond the substantial sales figures, the campaigns led to an improved perception of the CLC brand. Retailers and customers shared positive feedback about the innovative point-of-sale materials and the fresh, emotionally resonant approach to advertising. Furthermore, the increase in revenue had a tangible impact on the state, contributing significantly to funds allocated for education, healthcare, and conservation, thereby benefiting local communities in meaningful ways. This financial boost not only underscores the success of the marketing strategies employed but also highlights the broader societal benefits of the CLC’s operations.

Partnership Extension

Pleased with these impressive results, the Connecticut State Lottery Commission recognized the value and effectiveness of our comprehensive marketing approach. The substantial increases in sales and the positive impact on state funding and local communities led CLC to extend our partnership. This decision reflects their confidence in our ability to continue delivering innovative marketing solutions that drive both revenue growth and community benefits.


In summary, our strategic marketing overhaul for the Connecticut State Lottery Commission not only revitalized the brand and significantly increased sales but also enhanced player engagement across Connecticut. The successful campaigns underscored the importance of targeted creative strategies and integrated marketing initiatives, leading to an extended partnership aimed at sustaining these positive outcomes.