In an exciting leap forward for digital healthcare, we had the honor of spearheading the development of the Mass General Targeted Cancer Treatment Website. This endeavor brought to life a crucial online haven for both patients and medical professionals, offering detailed insights into clinical trials for targeted cancer treatments. As the lead Creative Director, I was thrilled to guide our talented team through a thorough UX design journey, ensuring our platform mirrored the pioneering spirit of cancer care and research at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.


Renowned for its cutting-edge gene-based cancer research and innovative treatments, the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center needed a digital platform. This platform informed a broad audience—including doctors, potential patients, their families, and the wider public—about the latest in targeted cancer therapy, especially clinical trials tailored to specific genetic mutations.

Our mission was to craft a welcoming and navigable website, providing personalized access to critical information such as testing for genetic markers, consultations, and groundbreaking clinical trials. A key innovation was the “My Trial Guide” feature, designed to offer users a customized list of clinical trials based on their specific cancer type, genetic mutations, or treatment drugs.


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We felt privileged to join forces with Mass General in this vital project. Our goal was to create a top-tier website that met the client’s high standards and offered an unmatched digital experience for those seeking hope and information in their fight against cancer.

User Research and Analysis

Our journey began with a deep dive into the realm of targeted cancer care. Through stakeholder interviews and analyses, we explored the diverse needs and preferences of the website’s audience. We utilized surveys and analytics to create detailed personas and journey maps, which helped us tailor the design and content strategy of the website to resonate with each user group – ranging from patients to healthcare providers. To gain a deeper understanding of our audience, we conducted extensive interviews with users and stakeholders and created an affinity map to capture and categorize the key insights and themes that emerged during our research.

Affinity Map Example

Persona Examples

Journey Map Example

Information Architecture and Wireframing

We put great effort into arranging the content in a well-organized manner using a thoughtful information architecture. Our initial wireframes served as a foundation for an easy-to-use website layout, streamlining the navigation of complex information related to cancer research and treatment. By defining our project goals and aligning them with business and user objectives, we created a detailed sitemap and user flow examples and produced a variety of low—and mid-fidelity wireframes to visualize the structural foundation.

Sitemap Example

User Flow Example

Wireframe Examples

Responsive UI Design and Prototyping

Our design strategy focused on personalizing the digital experience, featuring real stories of patients and physicians to build a genuine connection with our users. High-fidelity prototypes vividly narrated the Mass General story, highlighting the site’s warm and inviting user experience. We developed an extensive UI kit that ensured consistency across various devices and screen sizes, enhancing accessibility and usability. In crafting the UI, we aimed for a design that reflected the essence of Mass General’s targeted cancer treatment mission, incorporating a detailed UI design and creating a coherent visual language throughout the site.

MGH Responsive Devices

iPad View

mobile View

Development and CMS Integration

Key to our strategy was integrating Kentico CMS with Mass General’s genetic testing database and resource library through custom programming. This integration was crucial in providing users with up-to-date, relevant information, especially via the “GenFind” tool.

Usability Testing and Launch

Extensive usability testing was conducted to ensure that the website’s functionality met our high standards before its launch. This critical phase involved multiple methodologies, such as heuristic evaluations, user testing sessions, and A/B testing, to gather actionable feedback. During the user testing sessions, we observed real users interacting with the website, identifying usability issues, and gauging their emotional response to the content. These practices were invaluable in refining the UI/UX, ensuring that the final product was not only functional but also user-friendly and effective in meeting the needs of its diverse audience.


The Mass General Targeted Cancer Treatment Website has become a beacon of hope and knowledge, significantly boosting the digital footprint of the Massachusetts General Cancer Center. It successfully offers a personalized, informative, and accessible tool, empowering individuals with the knowledge to make educated choices about their cancer care. Creating this website showcased the immense impact of thoughtful, user-centric design in addressing the intricate information needs surrounding cancer treatment and research and highlighted the critical role of empathy in design, crafting a digital space where hope, information, and support guide users through their cancer treatment journey.